Saturday, May 30, 2009

Twins New Logo - update

Well, it is Saturday, so it only makes sense that the Star Tribune breaks the story that I first reported on here on Tuesday.

They have a picture of the full updated logo, and while it is still obvious to the keen observer that it is an updated logo, it is not as big of a change as I would have expected after making my initial report on the two letters shown during the broadcast.

Of course, there was no mention of this blog or the fact that it was first mentioned here on Tuesday, but oh well. LaVelle E. Neal III is a great reporter and does a great job with the Twins, and I'm sure that if he used the information on this site at all for this report, he would have mentioned it.

The full logo is below, with a comparison to the old one.

Like I initially guessed, the end result is an "edgier", pointier logo.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fantastic Five-Hundred

Thanks to the Boston Red Sox pitching staff doing their best pre-glasses impression of "Wild Thing" Rick Vaughn, the Twins were able to defeat the Red Sox 4-2 last night to climb back to .500.

The Twins, at 24-24 now, were able to capitalize on a MLB record 6 wild pitches and also got a strong outing out of Kevin Slowey (7-1). Slowey struck out 5 batters (all swinging) and scattered 6 hits over his 6 innings pitched.

Denard Span went 4-4 with 2 runs and a stolen base. With is 4-4 performance, Span is now batting .316 and with his speed on the bases is becoming a strong leadoff hitter for the Twins.

With his 1-3 night, Joe Mauer's batting average dropped to a mild .425. He's spoiled us all so far this year that 1-3 almost looks bad...but then we also remember that Punto would probably use all 3 wishes with a genie to have a 1-3 night.

Today's match-up is Josh Beckett (4-2, 5.01) vs. recent call-up Anthony Swarzak (1-0, 0.00) at 12:10. It will be interesting to see where Papi hits or even if he hits at all today. He went 0-4 last night to drop his BA to .193

Outside of the Dome

- Detroit RedWings defeated Chicago 2-1 in OT to win the series 4-1 and will now meet the Pens in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. It is the first repeat finals in 25 years and pits two of the NHL's best goalies against each other. Let's hope that if Detroit wins the cup again this year, that a certain player refrains from breaking it during the summer Cup tour...

- LA Lakers defeated the Nuggets 103-94 to take the series lead 3-2. Kobe only took 13 shots and scored 22 points prompting Skip Bayless to wonder whether Kobe was sending a message to LeBron that less is more. Well when you're "less" is Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum compared to LeBron's "less" (a non-existent Mo Williams, Anderson Varejao, Wally, and "Big Z") then there really is no option for "less is more". Look for the Cavs to win tonight and the Lakers to close things out in Denver on Friday.

Thanks to those of you who enjoyed our disclosure of a possible new Twins logo coming with the new ballpark next year. If this change does indeed come about, remember where you heard it first!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Twins New Logo

There have been articles written in the local newspapers discussing whether a Twins uniform and logo overhaul should happen for next year, and if so, what it should look like. Turns out, the decision as already been made (no surprise there). During the FSN North broadcast of the Twins-Red Sox game on Tuesday, the Twins showed the logo being assembled above the new scoreboard. However, a closer look shows that the logo being put up above the scoreboard isn't their current logo, but what one must assume will be the new logo that they are adopting for next season.

Here is the new logo atop the scoreboard, courtesy of DirecTV DVR-

and here is the current Twins script logo-

A keen eye will notice that, though there are only two letters on the 'new' logo, both are different than that of the current logo. The 'S' is strikingly different and edgier, while the 'N' is similar to that of the Twins script that has been used since 1997 1987.

Basically, what this means is that those hoping for a huge overhaul, or a return to the beautiful 2009 throwback jerseys as the new home jerseys, is that the decision on the Twins script for next season has already been made. While they will market this as a huge change, all it is is simply a font change. I can picture the words now- "We wanted to update the Twins brand to 2010." While the uniforms, pinstripes and all, may still be overhauled, it looks as though the Twins will be going with a familiar script logo next season.