Monday, January 7, 2008

Welcome Back

Happy Monday to all!

Well Christmas break is officially over today. Classes start here again and now we’re back to the real world. Well, as college students we’re not exactly in the “real world” quite yet…but close enough.

With this being one of my education classes coming up as well as the tennis season starting, the blogging may slow down a little bit here in the next few weeks. But we will try and get stuff out as much as we can, so bear with us.

The NFL playoffs got started with some great games this past weekend. The Redskins were almost able to carry on their emotional winning ways for their fallen teammate Sean Taylor. Unfortunately the magical run ended and the Seahawks got the better of the ‘Skins and won the game 35-14. You may not think that the game was close (if you didn’t watch it) but the Seahawks were down 14-13 with 12 minutes left and went on a 25 point run to end the game.

The game of the weekend goes to the Steelers and Jaguars. I saw at one point in the evening that the Jags were up 21-7…so I decided to not pay attention to the game. BAD IDEA!!! The Steelers came back to take the lead at 29-28 only to have the Jags kick the winning field goal with 32 seconds left. The Jags held on and won the game. Definitely a classic playoff game between two very talented teams. I find it hard to believe that they would have won that game even with Willie Parker. The Jags are just on run right now.

And then today the Giants and Chargers won their respective games. Eli Manning looked confident and that could be trouble for the other NFC teams. Haha, sorry…I can’t say that without laughing. I pick the Cowboys next week in Dallas. BUT, that is only if Jessica Simpson is NOT at Texas Stadium. If she is, goodbye Cowboys.

Other than that…

-Timberwolves are still struggling to win a game. I am glad that they can find their way to the court and score points in the first 3 quarters…but unless those points equal over 100 in 3 quarters, they don’t really stand a chance. I am by no means jumping off the bandwagon because you can see what happens to young teams like the Bulls and Warriors. One or two good vets mixed in with hungry young players can be good. So stick with this team, it will get better.

- The Wild continue to play their season Schizophrenically. They take care of the Stars 6-3 and then lose to the Predators 4-1? That shouldn’t be happening and someone on that team needs to step up and lead this team to the level that we all know they can be playing at.

- Johan Santana is still a Twin. But a little birdie says that you shouldn’t expect him to be at TwinsFest this year. It’s unfortunate but it would be pretty darn awkward for him to attend the event. Maybe they can get a trade done and bring in those newly acquired Boston Re…oops…I mean, “players” and get this season started.

- Who else realized this week that the chances of the Pro-Bowl being worth watching quickly slipped away with the passing of Sean Taylor. Anyone who saw him put Bills punter Brian Moorman on his back last year knows what I mean. Sean’s job, according to him was “to hit people”. That mean that regardless of the playing stage, he was going to do his job. Now the game will be filled with players who are just trying to enjoy the game and not treat it like a regular season game. Good luck to ESPN with those ratings. Maybe we can put it on VS. and treat it like hockey programming.

Enjoy your week and check back mid-week for more updates!

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