Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Timberwolves draft predictions 1.0

With the news today that the Timberwolves have traded away Randy Foye and Mike Miller for Etan Thomas, Oleksiy Pecherov, Darius Songaila, and the number 5 pick in the 2009 draft, Wolves GM David Kahn has added yet another pick for Thursday's draft. The Wolves now hold the number 5, 6, 18, and 28 picks in the draft (courtesy of the Wizards, Heat, and Celtics). What begs to question is what to do with all these picks? Here is a likely scenario for Thursday's draft, and who I believe the Wolves should take in the event that the Wolves stand pat with their current picks.

Picks 1 through 4-
Obviously Blake Griffin is the top pick. This is not even a question at this point in time. While the next three picks may be jumbled around, I think it is safe to say that center Hasheem Thabeet, point guard Ricky Rubio, and shooting guard James Harden will be the next three players taken. These three could be in any order, but they should be the players taken leading up to the Wolves number 5 pick. In the case that Thabeet, Rubio, or Harden drop, they WILL be the Timberwolves selection at number 5.

Pick 5-
The likely target, assuming that the players listed above are off the board, is Tyreke Evans. By all accounts, Evans had the best workout for the Timberwolves during Pointguardapalooza that happened over the weekend at the Target Center. Evans would fill the role of point guard that is now in more need than ever for the Wolves with the departure of Foye. If Evans gets selected in the top 4, the Wolves will draft whoever drops.

Pick 6-
With the selection of Evans at 5 to play point, the Timberwolves likely will target shooting guard with this pick. Considering the three players they acquired in their trade (all three are capable of playing center), the Wolves need to acquire another guard to help to fill out their roster. The pick also will be a guard because the best players available here are all guards. There are a few players that would be considered with this pick - Jonny Flynn, DeMar DeRozen, Brandon Jennings - but ultimately I can't see them passing up Stephen Curry at this pick. The Wolves need to improve their outside shooting, and Curry is the best shooter in the draft.

Pick 18-
A few guys will be considered here as well, and its much harder to predict the tail end of the draft, but there are a few guys that have been associated with this pick. B.J. Mullens has been rumored with this pick, along with a number of other guards. Assuming that the Wolves take Evans and Curry, the Wolves will pick 6'11'' small forward Austin Daye out of Gonzaga with this pick. Daye has links to Kahn through his father, has huge upside, and has the size. They would take Daye with the hopes that he turns into a Tayshaun Prince-type player.

Pick 28-
Assuming that we keep pick 28, we would likely pick a player that we can stash in Europe for at least a year, so that we don't have 4 rookies on our roster. This will likely be either Omri Casspi or Jonas Jerebko, both of whom are small forwards.

Assuming that they keep these picks, this what the Wolves should do with their four picks. If the Wolves make another move (which I believe has a very high chance of happening) or something else changes that will affect who the Timberwolves select, check back for updates on who the Wolves should select on Thursday.

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