Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Land O' Links

Not much going on in Minnesota sports after the Santana trade of last week. The Vikings season is done, the Timberwolves are still swimming in mediocrity, pitchers and catchers haven't reported quite yet, and the Wild are still atop their division. Since their isn't really anything to discuss with Minnesota sports, what is better than some random links?

-FireJoeMorgan, one of my favorite blogs, which just TEARS into terrible sports journalism by reputed professionals, just had its main writer reveal who he was. While its not a huge name, he does write and occasionally act in my favorite show on television: The Office. Turns out main contributor, who writes under the name Ken Tremendous, is none other than Dwight's cousin Mose (His real name is Michael Shur). Anyway, their blog leads me into my next link...

-Personally, I love the fact that the Giants won the Super Bowl. On another personal note, I also hate Eli Manning. That's why this article pissed me off, and Shur's subsequent analysis of it made me laugh out loud. While I do think Philip Rivers should shut up and play, I do feel he is a better player than Eli, and when you consider that he nearly beat the Patriots with a torn ACL and missing the top tight end and RB in the league, I think it shows that this trade was, on the surface, a virtual swap. Considering that NY also gave San Diego draft picks which turned into Shawne Merriman and Nate Kaeding, I completely disagree with his analysis that the Giants came out on top in the trade, and that its "not even close."

-Speaking of the Super Bowl, these people are psychotic. Seriously, you have nothing better to do? Really?

-Jeff Frazee, struggling U of M goalie, should maybe try out this new tactic in saving goals.

-For a different take on the Twins 2008 lineup than from Sunday's post, Seth Stohs not only projects the Twins lineup, but also their AAA-Rochester lineup, and their AA-New Britain lineup
over at

-Turns out maybe the Red Sox should have traded for Johan, because now they could need him.

-Timberwolves play the Celtics at home in their only primetime game of the season, and KG won't be in uniform, and won't be on the bench for the game. He will, however, be introduced before the game.

-This kid is going to be the butt of a lot of jokes for the rest of high school. I mean, all he did was lie about getting recruited, stage a fake press conference in his high school gym with his entire school and 2 news stations watching, and make his dad cry. And then he didn't think he'd get caught. Now he's hoping not to go to jail. Hey, at least he didn't wait until national signing day to announce where he is (not) going.

I'll leave you guys with this video, comments are always appreciated!

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