Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Boston, Mass = Coney Island???

On this 1776....America gained it's freedom from Great Britain. Setting in motion things like the Industrial Revolution, the Cival Rights movement, T.G.I.F. on ABC, American Flag Zubaz pants and of course....The infamous Nathan's hot dog eating contest at Coney Island, NY.

Since 2001, the Japanese have held the coveted mustard belt. It has been a sore spot for many Americans. Well...I don't know about "many" but I'm sure that within the American ring of competitive eating, it hasn't been good.

Today, the Louie Anderson sized competitive eating gods have looked down favorably at American Joey "Chompers" Chestnut. He defeated the great Kobayashi by 3 hotdogs. 66 hot dogs to 63 for Chestnut. Both destroyed their previous records; Chestnut's record was 59 1/2 (set last week in Tempe, AZ) and Kobayashi's record was 53 1/2.

So like in 1776, we once again gain our freedom from oppression. We are now the proud owners of our own property....The Mustard Belt.

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