Monday, July 2, 2007

The prospects of a KG to Warriers trade

The best of the reported trades thus far, a trade with the Golden State Warriors is an interesting one to think of. The Timberwolves strongest position the last several years, held by KG, was the SF/PF spot. Interestingly, in any of these reported trades (except a trade with Phoenix in which we would get Amare Stoudemire), the Wolves wouldn't be addressing this position, instead acquiring other position players at center and guard. I'm going to examine what would happen to the Timberwolves roster in the case that this proposed Golden State deal happens.

PG - Randy Foye
SG - Monta Ellis
SF - Corey Brewer/Ricky Davis (If he is still with the team)
PF - Andris Biedrins/Al Harrington
C - Mark Blount

PG - ?
SG - Rashad McCants
SG/SF - Marko Jaric
SF - Trenton Hassell (He will most likely be traded, since Corey Brewer is basically a better Trenton Hassell)
SF/PF - Brandan Wright
PF - Juwon Howard
PF - Craig Smith
PF/C - Mark Madsen
C - Patrick O'Bryant

While this is a MUCH different looking lineup than last year, with the only returning starter from the beginning of last year being Mark Blount, the roster looks very solid. Whereas the starters are weaker without Garnett in the lineup, with bench is much stronger than last years team with quality backups at every single position instead of just at the guard positions.

I see the proposed trade going...

Monta Ellis, Patrick O'Bryant, Al Harrington, Brandan Wright, and a future draft pick (hopefully a first) for Kevin Garnett and Troy Hudson (which is why I didn't put Hudson on the above roster).

O'Bryant doesn't have very good looking stats, but he was a top ten pick in last years draft, and as Stephen A. Smith so delicately puts it "YOU CAN'T TEACH HEIGHT!!!." O'Bryant is a 7'0'' center, and weighs 10 pounds more than current Wolves center Mark Blount. O'Bryant never was truly given an opportunity to play last season, and could excel playing for his hometown team (O'Bryant went to Blaine High School). Wright has a ton of potential, but will need to be brought along slowly. compares him to Chris Bosh/Shareef Abdur-Rahim, and those are two players who have experienced success in the NBA. He will eventually be a very good player though, and he showed flashes of brilliance at times last year at UNC.

The greatest part of this trade is that not only do Monta Ellis and Al Harrington/Andris Biedrins allow us to compete now, but O'Bryant and Wright give us two big guys to build our franchise around once they develop. We would also have Foye, McCants and Brewer, giving us 6 guys from the last 3 drafts. Our team would be young, but could be great within a few years.

As a result of the Jason Richardson trade, the Warriors now hold a $10 million trade exception, which it is assumed they would use in the Garnett deal to make it more appealing. They could take any one of McHale's horrible deals that he has made, but Hudson has the least worth due to his horrible contract and lack of playing time.

The team would then need to acquire a backup point guard for Foye through trades, but it looks like Davis and Hassell could be traded.

In other words, I'm saying that in this case, I believe the Wolves would be a better team after the trade than before it, and that's always the point of a trade, right?

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