Saturday, July 28, 2007

Move over Barry, Jason is coming!

Jason Tyner connected with a ball for his first major league home run in the third inning of tonight's game in Cleveland off of P Jake Westbrook. Tyner's blast barely made it over the wall, and landed in the Twins bullpen. Not only was this a huge accomplishment for the not-so-powerful Tyner, but it was a huge accomplishment for the Twins. His shot gave the Twins their first lead in 6 games. Tyner is now only 754 home runs away from the major league record.

Shortly after Tyner's HR, Jason Bartlett broke his bat on a weak grounder to the right side. Unfortunately for Cleveland C Victor Martinez, the bat broke during Bartlett's follow-through, and struck Martinez in the head, knocking him backwards into homeplate umpire Laz Diaz. Diaz held Martinez as he fell and he was examined after play was stopped. He stayed in the game, but it was a very scary sight. As much as we here at Court's Sports want the Twins to succeed, you never want it to come at the expense of another players injury. We're glad that Martinez wasn't seriously injured on the play.

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