Wednesday, August 1, 2007

35-W bridge collapses

Roughly a mile away from the Metrodome, the 35-W bridge over the Mississippi River collapsed at 6:05 p.m. The decision was made to let the Twins game continue, in order to avoid unnecessary traffic of thousands of cars added to the highways. Detours have been set up to allow for safe traffic out of the Dome, to allow for emergency responders to do their jobs easily. The Twins game tomorrow has been postponed, along with tomorrow's groundbreaking ceremony.

From Yahoo! News -
"There were two lanes of traffic, bumper to bumper, at the point of the collapse. Those cars did go into the river," Minneapolis Police Lt. Amelia Huffman. "At this point there is nothing to suggest that this was anything other than a structural collapse."

At this time, CNN has reported 6 fatalities, with at least 3 dozen reported injured. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those involved in this tragedy, and also those rescue workers who will be working into the night to assist those injured.

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