Sunday, August 12, 2007

Twins/Angels Rubber game

Today is the 3rd and, thankfully, final game of the Angels series. I call it that because they are the only team that has shown up to play this weekend.

The Twins, who lead the league in "wasting their starting pitcher's great starts", did it again last night. Carlos Silva retired 18 of his first 19 batters and still didn't get the win. If any of the Twins pitchers went on a rampage, who could blame them!?

Anyway, today will be Boof Bonser vs. Jered Weaver. We saw Weaver pitch against the Dodgers a couple weeks ago and weren't that impressed. Because I just said that, he'll most likely throw a perfect game coupled with Torii Hunter snapping a hammy or something...that's just the Twins luck right now.

My buddy and I are headed down to Anaheim here in a little bit. Last time I saw Boof, he pitched an 11 K, 3 hit gem against the Brewers. So let's hope I'm good luck!

Game starts at 2:35 pm CST. Enjoy!

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