Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Is there a word that is beyond struggling? Dying maybe? I'm not sure.

Whatever that word is....the Twins are it right now.

With the amount of talent this team has, I'm going to go ahead and say that they might be the worst of the best teams. In fact...by "might" I mean "they are".

They have the best pitcher in the majors, last year's MVP, last years batting champ, the best center fielder in the game and a bullpen that has been an absolutely shut down operation. Not to mention being in a division that has struggled mightily lately. If the Twins had scored at least 5 runs in their last 10 games, we'd actually be very close to first right now. But instead, we're scoring runs like it's a 7 year old girls softball game at 8 am (that translates into not scoring many runs, tired 7 year olds are not very productive that early...no one is actually).

It's frustrating to see a team that is better than most other teams in the league struggle this bad. Baseball is a very mental sport and none of these guys seem like they are mentally tough right now. Part of this is falling on Gardy's shoulders. It's hard to motivate grown men to play but if they want to stop embarassing themselves then they need to suck it up.

After the game last night, Justin Morneau admitted that he is the most exhausted that he's been as a professional. Really? Exhausted? I mean, I can understand the grind of playing 162 games, but let's talk with the single parents who work 3 jobs just to provide for their kids. Or the McDonalds workers who have to work minimum wage just to stay above the poverty line. Not to say that Morneau is complaining, but come on man...you're playing the sport you love, get over the tiredness and start hitting the ball.

Also, when the Twins hold clinics...are they open for players to participate? Because if they ever hold a bunting clinic, Nick Punto better be the first one to sign up. I haven't seen worse angles when bunting since my freshman year of baseball. At what age and pay range do you learn how to bunt consistently. This guy, for the amount of AB's (351) and his batting average, is actually the worst hitter in the majors right now. Worse than any of the Kansas City Royals or Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Congratulations Gardy, you've given 351 at bats to the definition of "career minor leaguer". This gives me hope that someday I can get 351 at-bats that I don't deserve. By the way, if you haven't figured out who's in the picture...it's actually Nick Punto at Twins Fest 2027. By then he'll be batting clean-up with a .214 average and 3 home-runs. (It's actually Fidel Castro)

Anyway, that's it for my daily Twins rant. Maybe one of these days the Twins can score more runs than Nick Punto has hits in the last 2 months.

Have a great Tuesday!

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