Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Sports Wrap-Up

Happy Monday to all!

Today is my last full day in the sun and sand of LA/Malibu and I must say that I really enjoyed it out here.

The weather, although the same everyday, is awesome. Who can complain to waking up to 70 degrees and sunny every single day? I also really enjoy being able to go to bed and not having to worry about whether I will be awaken by a tornado siren or not. Granted, they still have earthquakes out here...but they come as a surprise and are 3,000 days late sometimes.

I will be attending football practice here at USC either today or tomorrow. From what I hear, they are going to be unreal this year. I'll have a small little recap of how the practice goes as well as hopefully a picture with "Big Balls" Pete Carroll.

We attended the Twins/Angels game yesterday afternoon in Anaheim...and here are my thoughts on the stadium/game :

The Anaheim area is a pretty nice area. Palm trees everywhere and some nice apartment complexes within walking distance of the stadium. I don't know if it holds a candle to Minneapolis though. I didn't see any bums and as any of you know, that always adds to the fun of the night!

The outside of the stadium is quite nice as well. Nothing that I've been to has surpassed the "take your breath away" factor that Miller Park has. The big "A" is pretty cool as well as the huge parking lot that surrounds the stadium.

Inside is gorgeous though. The rock pile was just as cool as I had imagined and fire works in the middle of the day were nice as well. We sat 3rd level along the 3rd base line and had a great view of the Twins getting a mudhole stomped in their behinds.

It was also 345 degrees in the sun there. During the 5th inning, a man started on fire and we cheered thinking that it was part of the game until they hosed him down. It wasn't a big deal, apparently that happens at least twice every day game.

The Twins are in dire need of a miracle right now. The game started out quite well for them actually. Boof came out strong and only had 11 pitches in the first inning. We gave up a run early but got the hitter out on a nice game of pickle. My only argument, other than the fact that we have less offense than the Raiders had last year, was that Gardy really botched his mangerial duties yesterday. He left Bonser in about 10 pitches too late and then gave up a homerun to Chone Figgins. CHONE FIGGINS!? You can blame Boof all you want, but it's the manager's job to know when his pitcher is fried.

Tommy Watkins almost got his first major league hit...twice! His first at bat was a bunt that Jered Weaver bobbled and they gave Weaver the error. Then he connected on a Weaver fastball that Garrett Anderson caught right at the wall. Here was the ensuing conversation...

Me: Holy crap! Get out of here! Go!...Go!...Go!...

(caught by Garrett Anderson)

Guy next to us : Ahh, almost got his first hit.

Me: Cmon...couldn't Garrett have just let it hit the wall? That woulda been the nice thing to do.

Guy: Haha, yeah right! That woulda been a terrible move!

Me: Well it's not like they woulda scored him anyway, so what does it matter?!

Anyway, our day at the park was nice. Anaheim, you have a very nice set up and a great stadium and some pretty nice fans. Although one kid had a rally monkey hat with the monkey sewn into the hat. Needless to say, that kid has moved just behind Roger Clemens as my least favorite people in the world.

Hope that you all have a great day and I look forward to joining you all back in the midwest soon!

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