Friday, August 3, 2007

Land O' Links

I would like to first say that our prayers go out to the families and victims of the I-35 W bridge collapse this past Wednesday. Many of us have driven that bridge and know how terrifying that must have been for the people on the bridge.

We have been lucky enough, in this world of constant fear and terrorism, in Minnesota to not have experienced such things as 9/11 or bombings or just general fear as other parts of the country do every day. On a day like this, although we may live in separate parts of the state, we all became family in a few swift minutes.

We at Court's Sports, as well as around the world, know that sports are a mere microcosm compared to the rest of the world's happenings. It is also something that can bring us a distraction and joy from the world around us.

Continue to love and live life to the fullest.

Here is Friday's Land O' Links :

For those of you who haven't seen already...

Who remembers seeing Brett Favre's daughter during that Sunday Night football game against the Bears last night? Well, apparently she's tried her hardest to make him "hip" but the only "hip" thing about him is those two things on his body that are thisssclose to falling apart.

I enjoy soccer as much as the next person...but there is something about this box score/game recap that just lacks any excitement or care at all...

Obviously the Twins players were very angry and confused as to why Terry Ryan would trade Luis Castillo. The Mets are now a very put together team in the NL East and the Twins got...well...really nothing.

I, just like every Minnesotan, knows how special Kevin Garnett really is. But my question is, does ANY city or team give this kind of press and coverage of one player?! It's like the Pope just came to town and gave everyone$250,000 and promised to fold the Yankees. Also, am I the only one that is kind of mad that they are using Kevin Harlan and Trent Tucker's KG given nickname to sell tickets?

Is there anyone on this team that is happy right now? Well...with the exception of Lew Ford...since he clearly knows that he does NOT deserve to be in the majors and still is with this team. We might as well put a glove and a hat out in left field and hope that it can read balls better than Lew "the screw" Ford.

We'll end with this youtube clip from Stick and Ball Guy's blog yesterday. A great tribute to KG and if you can get through it without goosebumps/tears...then you have no soul.

Have a great weekend and stay safe.

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