Saturday, August 11, 2007

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Happy Saturday to all!

I have finally finished all 7 weeks at the Malibu Summer Tennis Camp and am releived that I either did or did not do these 3 things :

1. DID meet celebrities of all walks of life.

2. DID NOT strike any child with a tennis ball voluntarily

3. DID NOT get stuck in an elevator at 12:45 am in Hollywood more than once (a whole article in itself)

I will be headed back to the Central timezone late Tuesday night and we'll be able to all be on the same page again! Although I've been a big fan of the time change out here. I could get used to it.

Because of this time change, I was able to post this while you most surely were sleeping or some of you may just be getting in. In either case, enjoy today's links!


This story is very intriguing. At first, I was sure that the "UW" meant "University of Wisconsin" but apparently other parts of the nation drink this as well. Halfway through this article, the thought that popped into my mind was, "It's so hot out!....Milk was a BAD choice!" Show me some stats and we'll start talking about doing this.

David Beckham + ESPN = nice filler time for ESPN after the Bonds HR chase is over. Does anyone else find it completely and utterly disturbing that the face of American soccer....isn't American? Oh well...either way, America will never accept soccer. It's like replacing a buddy in a group of friends who moved away with a new guy. He could be a great guy, but he'll just never be fully accepted by everyone.

Tiger Woods has stormed back and is about 2 days and 3 fairways away from winning his first major of the year. I'm praying that John Daly can make a comeback and challenge Tiger for the win. Any guy who can make this kind of commercial deserves to be paired with a class act like Tiger. My favorite part is at 1:01...I can hear it now, "I am THE man...BULLSEYE!"

A great interview of Kevin McHale by Pioneer Press columnist Bob Sansevere. One of two guys who I would trust to not fluff anything for McHale to come away sounding like a genious. Although a lot of what he says makes sense. I am convinced that we needed to part with KG in order to have any kind of future for the franchise. Give these guys a chance. Look at the Bulls, they never traded for a big veteran and now the guys have gotten experience and they are easily in the top 3 or 4 in the East...which with the Western Conference exchange'd probably be about a 7 seed in the West.

Here at Court's Sports, we like to recognize those who have given us inspiration and the drive to keep on going with our site. Our first, and foremost, guy is Aaron Gleeman. We decided, after at least 8 hours of conferring, that we were going to follow in his footsteps and much like his " girl", we have picked our very own "Court's Sports cutie"

We decided to show some Minnesota love and our "CSC" is....Jessica Biel. Anyone who wants to argue can leave a comment and maybe throw us some other ideas. Cliche choice maybe, but come on...a good cliche at least. Ely knows what their doing!

Finally, I love this. This is the pure difference between big markets and small markets. When I go to the Pioneer Press page, I feel like it's someone tapping on my shoulder saying "Hey, here's today's news...and some coffee...I like your looks nice" But when I read these headlines, it's like "Hey!'s some coffee that was spit in...nice they make those for men?" Maybe that's just how New York comes off.

As always, thanks for stopping by and have a safe and great weekend!

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