Monday, June 25, 2007

The Monday Run-down

Happy Monday to all.

There were some great stories from around the sports world this weekend.

- Ken Griffey Jr. hits two homeruns in his Safeco finale in Seattle. Raising even more questions as to whether the Reds are still thinking about trading him. I think that the Reds got a first hand example of what Griffey could do to a former team. He, at the same time, passed Mark McGwire on the career home run list for 7th.

- Former MLB releiver Rod Beck passed away in his Phoenix home yesterday. Beck will always be remembered for his solid relief appearances. I will always remember him as resembling John "Blackout" Gatling in Little Big League.

- Interleague play in the MLB came to an end last night with a series sweep 5-0 win for the Tigers over the Braves. The Marlins 105-81 record for Interleague play is still tops for any NL team. The world also saw Johan Santana hit his first career triple. I am a little worried because, with Morneau still being in the hospital, I have a striking feeling that we may see Santana batting 5th this week in Morneau's place.

- Court records show that Olympic sprinter Marion Jones is very close to broke after all of her recent court battles...for some reason I feel that court battles were not the reason...but the cost of food'll see

- Roger Clemens came in for a relief role yesterday in the Yankees 7-2 loss to the Giants. Giving up 5 hits and not really helping the Yankees at all. Again proving that the Yankees have paid too much money for a job that Kyle Lohse could do for much cheaper.

- The Oregon Beavers repeated as National Champs of College Baseball with a 9-3 victory over the UNC Tar-Heels. Only 365 days until everyone has the same thought "Oh yeah...that was on tonight...oh well"

Have a great Monday and keep checking here for your sports updates

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