Thursday, June 28, 2007

NBA Draft Night

Well we are just minutes from the NBA draft and there are only two guarantees in tonights draft; Greg Oden will be a Blazer and Kevin Durant will be a Sonic. Kevin Garnett is still a member of the Timberwolves, but that could change if they can find a third team for the Suns trade. ESPN reported that the Charlotte Bobcats are the new rumored facilitator in the trade, with the Wolves getting the 8th pick and a player. This seems like a far cry from the Hawks trade proposed yesterday, which was far and above better than this proposed trade, unless the player is not just a throw in like the Hawks trade. My biggest fear is that Kevin McHale feels he HAS to trade Garnett, and all we get is a pick and a player when we could get so much more. What I don't understand is if Amare Stoudemire is the player being moved, why the Wolves don't just trade straight up with the Suns and get him back. I guess I'll never understand the brilliant mind (read: IQ 85) of Kevin McHale. Also, as I told Court earlier in the day, if the Wolves take Spencer Hawes, who McHale likes because he is a younger, crappier version of himself, I'm switching franchises to root for. I'll even create a poll for what new team to root for and people can vote on it. Anyway, I'll be doing pick by pick analysis once the draft starts.

The final mock draft at has the Wolves taking Joakim Noah.

First thing they discussed with the draft coverage was the KG trade, and it was reported that no trade will occur with Kevin Garnett. In other news, former Wally Sczcerbiak could have a new team in a proposed trade with the Sonics that also involves Ray Allen, Delonte West, and the number 5 pick.

Joakim Noah looks likes he's prepared to be selected by the WNBA with his hairdo. Maybe he can play for the Lynx too if the Wolves take him.

Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images

Update: So they have already reversed what they said earlier, and apparently the Wolves and the WARRIORS are talking trade. Who knows anymore. Whatever the team, it looks like KG definitely won't be suiting up in the Wolves colors next year

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