Thursday, June 28, 2007

Picks 1-10

#1 Portland Trailblazers - Greg Oden
No doubt about this pick. I still can't believe that both of these guys are going to teams in the Timberwolves conference. Oden looks like 45 years old usually, but can actually pull off around 25 years old tonight, even though the kids only 19. He is going to be a great player, I don't care what people's gripes are with him. He's only lost 17 games since junior high, that is crazy. Going to a lottery team, he will FORCE them to win, and he will do anything to make it happen.

#2 Seattle Sonics - Kevin Durant
The Sonics had the easiest pick in the draft, just take the other guy. I was wondering why it was taking so long, but according to Andy Katz they just made a trade that I had reported earlier. Ray Allen to Boston Celtics for Delonte West, Wally, and the number 5 pick (which they will reportedly use on Jeff Green).

#3 Atlanta Hawks - Al Horford
This was the first real question in the draft. Many people thought that Al Horford was the clear #3 pick in this draft, while others had Mike Conley. The Hawks picked Horford, all but assuring that Conley will go next, and that they will be taking a PG with the 11 pick. Horford is their 3rd straight big man taken, following Sheldon Williams and Marvin Williams. They NEED a PG, but they apparently couldn't pass up Horford. Nice to see Corey Brewer cheering for him.

#4 Memphis Grizzlies - Mike Conley Jr.
Quickest pick so far in the draft, and it was all but assured with the makeup of the Grizzlies team. He is the third freshman taken so far, and the third player taken from last year's championship matchup.

#5 Seattle Sonics via Boston Celtics - Jeff Green
It's always unfortunate when a guy has to go up there wearing the wrong cap, just KNOWING he's been traded. He was taken by the Celtics but is being shipped to the Sonics. Green at least knew he had been traded, so he didn't say anything dumb like "I can't wait to go play for Boston and with Paul Pierce." This Sonics team will be fun to watch next year, considering they will have Green, Durant, and Rashard Lewis. The next pick will affect the subsequent 5 picks, since Yi Jianlian has stated he won't play for the Bucks, but that is who Milwaukee wants.

#6 Milwaukee Bucks - Yi Jianlian
They took him, knowing that he isn't thrilled with playing there...interesting. He was the best player left. Man he looks unhappy. Also, how did David Stern end up as the commissioner? The guy seems to be getting shorter every year. This guy looks interesting...lets hope he is more Yao Ming than Wang Zhizhi.

Minnesota picks next and I would like to see them take the best player left, Brandan Wright. Unfortunately he didn't work out for the Wolves, and there is virtually no chance they will take him. As long as they don't take Hawes I'm fine with the pick. Is it too late for Roy Hibbert to re-enter the draft? Haha I expect a Florida player to be taken with the Wolves pick.

#7 Minnesota Timberwolves - Corey Brewer
I don't know how to feel about this pick. The guy is good, but we still need a big man. I just don't understand how year in and year out we can't address that. Also, we have way too many guards, with Foye, Davis, McCants, Hudson, and Jaric, along with Hassell at one of Brewer's positions. Granted, Hudson and Jaric won't be playing much, and McCants will probably be relegated to being the first guy off the bench. Foye and Davis are starting, so I don't know where that leaves Brewer to play. Noah would have been the smarter pick here since we actually need a center to take pressure off of Garnett. The Wolves will make room for him, but I still don't feel like he fits in with the Wolves as well as a center would have. Now 4 of the 7 players drafted are from the national championship game, with Noah still left.

#8 Charlotte Bobcats - Brandan Wright
Michael Jordan decided not to golf today and actually showed up for the draft, albeit he didn't really want to pick anyone. He had been looking to deal the pick for a veteran all day. It is possible that a trade could still happen, but for now they picked Wright. Thats 3 out of the last 4 first round players Jordan has taken coming from UNC, all to play for a Charlotte, North Carolina team. Although Wright was the best player left, it seems like Jordan is just looking for the players to draw fans at this point, so that has led to Raymond Felton, Sean May, and now Brandan Wright becoming Bobcats, all local college players.

#9 Chicago Bulls - Joakim Noah
Noah was taken in the place where many people thought Spencer Hawes would go. The Bulls didn't think he would fall this far, but were happy he did. They were looking center all the way, and no doubt got the guy they needed in Noah. I just can't help but hate the hair...I'm sorry. This no doubt means that Hawes will fall, since most of the next few teams don't need a center. The Kings want a replacement player for Ron Artest with the next pick, so look for a G/F to be taken.

#10 Sacramento Kings - Spencer Hawes
Wow I did not see the Kings taking Hawes here. The King had wanted Jeff Green but he was gone with the 5 pick. They were also hoping that Wright would fall to them, but it didn't happen. I just am not a huge fan of scoring centers who can't rebound after enduring a year of Mark Blount with the Wolves, but thats exactly what Hawes is. If he is going to do well in the NBA he will need to start rebounding. Unlike with most of the other picks, where it seems like the picks make sense for each of their respective teams, Hawes I don't think will help out the Kings right away because he doesn't fit in right.

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