Thursday, June 28, 2007

Picks 21-30

#21 Miami Heat via Philadelphia 76ers - Daequan Cook
Well apparently Cook is taken by the Sixers, but he is going to be traded to the Heat for Jason Smith, who was taken 20th. Looks like the Heat are looking for a guy to play alongside Wade right away, much like Jason Kapono last year, who is a free agent. Smith again will probably be brought along slowly, much like he would have with the Heat.

#22 Charlotte Bobcats - Jared Dudley
Michael Jordan didn't pick a Tarheel! There actually is only one left, Reyshawn Terryand he is a consensus second rounder. He did pick a guy that pestered the Tarheels though. Dudley was the ACC player of the year, and that is a HUGE accomplishment in such a talented conference. I'm not sure how he will fit in on the Bobcats, but he is a very talented player.

#23 New York Knicks - Wilson Chandler
This pick was only met with half boos, so I guess Isiah Thomas didn't screw up the pick too horribly. I don't know much about him, I just know that Renaldo Balkman pick last year was met with 400 times more boos.

#24 Portland Trailblazers via Phoenix Suns - Rudy Fernandez
The Suns don't really need anymore pieces, they just need David Stern to not screw them over, so they let the "other" Microsoft guy, owner Paul Allen, buy this pick. Obtaining another pick was kind of predictable, after the previous Knicks trade. Rudy Fernandez is another foreign player taken, and might not be released from his Spanish team right away, but could in the future be a great backcourt pair with Brandon Roy

#25 Utah Jazz - Morris Almond
I don't know much about Almond, but he is a college senior, so he is more prepared than many people in the draft. He is going to a good situation in Utah, who easily have a playoff team in the West.

#26 Houston Rockets - Aaron Brooks
Brooks is another college senior, ready for the NBA. Unfortunately for Brooks, he is now the 3rd point guard on the roster behind Rafer Alston and former Wolves player Mike James. Brooks will be getting some playing time, but at this time they aren't sure how much due to Alston and James.

#27 Detroit Pistons - Aaron Afflalo
Another guard taken by the Pistons. There now seems to be a logjam in the Pistons backcourt, meaning they might be planning to move Flip Murray during the offseason. Either that, or the Pistons will be trading Afflalo or Stuckey, although the Pistons are really high on Stuckey so I don't see that happening.

#28 San Antonio Spurs - Tiago Splitter
He has been eligible the last few drafts but has pulled his name out a few years straight now, and apparently would have been taken much higher last year. The Spurs are good with foreign players, so expect Splitter to flourish also. Splitter, a 7 footer, most likely won't join the Spurs until the 08-09 season due to a buyout clause in his current contract.

#29 Phoenix Suns - Alando Tucker
This makes sense for the Suns, since this is another guy that can play their fast break style of basketball. He was one of the best players in college basketball last year, and gets drafted to a top 3 team in the league. Depending on offseason trades, Tucker could end up getting more playing time than he would with the current roster.

And the final first round pick-

#30 Philadelphia 76ers - Petteri Koponen
I know nothing of him. He has got to be pretty happy that he was taken in the first round though, since he traveled to New York to hear his name taken. Apparently he won't be ready to play in the NBA for a while, since he has limited experience.

First Round notes -
  • 3 Buckeyes and 3 Gators taken.
  • Two major trades, Zach Randolph moving to the Knicks, and Ray Allen to the Celtics. Not surprisingly, these trades involved the team that took Oden and Durant, and no doubt want these guys to be the stars on their new respective teams. In Portland's case, this opens up last years first round pick, LaMarcus Aldridge, to start alongside Oden. In Seattle's case, it opens up scoring for Durant, Jeff Green, and Rashard Lewis.
  • A few players who were supposed to be taken in the first round slipped, and I couldn't be more happy that one of those players is Josh McRoberts.
  • First round means a 3 year guaranteed deal, but a few players were taken that either won't be able to join their respective teams this year, or won't be ready until their second or third year in the league. The Wolves got a player who will contribute all 3 years of his guaranteed contract, as Brewer was one of the most NBA ready prospects in the draft. I do think the Wolves will need to move a guard or Trenton Hassell to make room for Brewer to play and make an impact. Hassell and Brewer's styles are too similar to have a spot for both of them on the team. Brewer is a much better player than Hassell though, and eventually his offense will become as good as his defense.
The Wolves hold the 41st selection in the second round, the 11th pick in the second round. until last season with Craig Smith, the Timberwolves have had trouble obtaining second round players who are capable NBA players. They need to address the center position with this pick, and a few centers seem to be slipping. The Wolves will most likely choose between Aaron Gray, Marc Gasol (Pau's brother), Nick Fazekas, Stanko Barac or Kyle Visser. Hopefully they will get a center who will prove NBA capable, and help out KG*.

*if KG stays.

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