Thursday, June 28, 2007

Twins Split

The Twins won the series finale today vs the Blue Jays. The Twins won 8-5, fueled by 2 home runs from Torii Hunter, and even Jason Bartlett hit his second of the year. The biggest news of the game though was Frank "The Big Hurt" Thomas hitting his 500th home run of his career. While I had previously held the belief that no one should have their milestone at the Dome, this was particularly special for Thomas because his first career home run occurred at the same venue. Thomas now boasts 10% of his 500 home runs coming against the Minnesota Twins. Also of note, Minnesotans are great fans who love the game for the sake of the game. The guy who caught the ball isn't holding on to it for the highest bidder like most people would. Instead, realizing it meant more to Thomas than himself, he traded the ball for a signed ball, bat, and jersey, and no doubt will get to meet the slugger. No money, just pure souvenirs, things that you can remember forever, and thats what the game is about.

That was the Twins final home game before the All-Star break, and they also have no days off before the All-Star break. They will be bringing up a pitcher for the Detroit series this weekend. Thats all for now in Twins news.

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