Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday is here!'s the weekend. A little recap of last night's happenings

- Barry Bonds smashed home-run number 749 against the Yankees. He looked pretty happy after crossing homeplate. Do you think that A-Rod told him he loved him when rounding third?

- Dice-K and Maddux went head to head in San Diego last night. Red Sox won 2-1 but it was surprising since Manny Ramirez spent the whole game looking for money to fall onto the field again.

- The NHL draft happened...who knew?

-The Minnesota Lynx raised their record to 4-10...a big deal considering they started 0-9.

- Rumors are that the Wolves and Suns are talking a trade. we get to see the Suns beat the Wolves by 45 instead of the usual 20.

Watch game one of the College World Series tonight. You don't have is the same two teams from last year's final (Oregon State and North Carolina). In a battle in nature...I'm going to have to take the versatile beaver over that tar heeled ram with a bad attitude. It should make for a good game though. You know, a game between these same two schools in any other sport might yeild ratings that would rival the NBA Finals.

Enjoy your weekend and keep checking back here for updates throughout the day!

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