Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Weekend Edition

Greetings from Malibu, CA! Home of Steven Spielberg, Pam Anderson and 26 rehab facilities (yes....count 'em...26).

I am still getting used to the time difference out here. I really like the fact that I gained two hours but I really don't like ending my night by watching the Dodgers and Padres play each other. Needless to say, it was a good game at the end. The Dodgers were down 7-2 going into the bottom of the 8th. After a couple key hits and a balk by Chris Young, the Dodgers were going into the 9th only down 7-5. They got one more run before Luis Gonzalez came to bat. Now, we all remember him for his World Series bloop hit over Jeter's head to beat the Yankees a couple years ago...but what else? He went through 2 seasons of being a feared power hitter and now what? Well I'll tell you what I've seen since I've been out in LA.

He has become an incredibly timid hitter. When we went to the Dodgers/Angels game he had a 2-2 count with one on and 2 outs. He watched a fastball go by and then walked to the dugout like he knew he should have swung at it. Last night was almost the same case, but he swung at a pitch he shouldn't have and grounded out to end the game. He is quickly entering into the "VH1 realm" as I like to call it.

What do I mean by that? Well, Gonzo is quickly becoming one of those players that could be featured on "One-hit wonders of baseball". He's a very overpaid and dissappointing player to watch.

On the other hand, big Barry Bonds hit HR number 750 last night. Only 6 more to go before he gets his ever-famous asterisk next to his record. For the record, I don't beleive there should be one. Sure, all the tell tale signs of steroid use are there but he's never admitted it. I think that it will be one of those cases where you don't date a girl because you hear that she's been with a lot of other guys but then find out that it was a lie and she really was clean.

Today was somewhat of a tangent, but it's hard to focus with all this sun and ocean waves.

Enjoy your weekend.

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