Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Trade Talks Continue

According to Chad Ford of ESPN.com, the proposed Kevin Garnett trade yesterday with 4 teams involved will not be happening, at least not as proposed. Apparently the Celtics weren't thrilled about giving up Al Jefferson for Jermaine O'Neal. Ford reported that it could become a 3 team deal with the Pacers left out, with KG moving to LA, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom going to the Celts, and Boston giving up the 5 pick in this draft, and the '09 first round pick of the Wolves that they are already holding. No doubt the Wolves would receive a player in the deal also, but that was unknown as to who it is. Ford also said that the deal could become just a two team deal with the Lakers and Wolves, but Kevin McHale made it known that he doesn't like Bynum and Odom enough to do the deal straight up, so the Wolves would need to be getting this done. All this trade talk with Garnett will end Thursday, because either he will have been traded by then, or the draft will have gone by and the Wolves will have gotten no picks in this years draft, all but assuring them of keeping KG.

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