Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oden to go first....

It has been reported tonight by ESPN's Ric Bucher that Portland has called Greg Oden and told him that they will take him first in the 2007 NBA Draft on Thursday night. Thus ending the speculation of who will go to the worst team of 2006.

This is disappointing because the number one pick should be a surprise, I think. The NBA is turning into the NFL (minus the PacMan Jones' and Cincinatti Bengals. least Ron Artest keeps it on the court) with this "let's tell the whole world who we're picking so that no one will watch the draft anymore". This is KILLING the mystery of the draft. I hate it.

Anyway...tomorrow's the draft. There are many more story lines running through the rivers of the NBA. Whether KG will go to the Suns...whether the Hawks will do anything right...and does Danny Ainge really think that a man named "Yi" will turn the Celtics around? I love it all.

7 ET/6 Central on ESPN tomorrow.

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